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Evaluation Criteria

The catalogue of comprises of a relatively big number of virtual casinos which have been rated based on a set of criteria. Amongst these casinos few also exist in the conventional form which you can visit and play with real chips and dealers, most only exist as virtual casinos on the internet, and finally, there are some belonging to sports booking companies, which over the last years have extended their businesses in the field of virtual casinos realising the huge profits they can have by doing so. In this catalogue you will meet websites of all three categories.
The criteria used to evaluate the virtual casinos of this catalogue were the following:
Credibility: Casinos are very credible businesses by definition, at least the conventional ones. However, over the last years and taking into account that required casino software is not very expensive, many new virtual casinos have appeared, some of which with questionable ownership, license and credibibility.
Security: In this category also, the vast majority of virtual casinos offers high security levels to their customers, some of which really excel.
Realistic Gaming: Realistic gaming is a very important factor for a player to enjoy playing from home. When a virtual casino achieves a high level of realistic gaming, it really creates the illusion for the player that he/she is at a real casino!
Ease of Use: A very important success factor for a virtual casino as it specifies how quickly a new player gets used to the software interface, without wasting time on unnecessary navigations around the menus. In most cases, it also determines whether or not a player will return to the same casino.
Entertainment: In their effort to attract new customers and win over competition, many casinos introduce elements that make the overall stay during your visit much more pleasant and fun.
Technical Support: Another very important criterion is the quality level of technical support offered by the casino to its customers.

It has to be noted at this point that a subjective factor slips in for some of the aforementioned criteria such as 'ease of use' and 'entertainment'.

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